Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump's Hair Is Like 'Soft Serve at Dairy Queen'

Clinton made the comments on "The Tonight Show."

Clinton makes the remark during a sketch where she sits down for a phone interview with Fallon, who pretends to be Donald Trump.

“Well, at least he doesn’t have just one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft serve at Dairy Queen,” she jokes back.

"Toupee,” Fallon, wearing a Trump-style wig, responds, "I mean, touche.”

In the sketch, which will air tonight, Fallon, channeling Trump, also offers campaign advice to Clinton.

“OK, you wanna win? Here’s what you gotta do,” he tells Clinton. "First: Yell. I yell all the time...Next: Pick three things people love and say you hate them.”

"Are you writing all this down?” he asks.

“Hold on, let me just grab my pen,” Clinton responds, as she rolls her eyes, picks up a glass of wine, and takes a sip.

"I haven’t seen you since my last wedding,” Fallon says to Clinton.

"Well I’m sure I’ll see you at the next one,” she jokes back.