More Hillary Clinton Emails to Be Released, Despite Conclusion of Criminal Probe

The State Dept. will release more of Clinton's email found by the FBI.

Turns out there's many more.

Originally, Clinton said she turned over 55,000 pages of work-related emails to the State Department that she'd accumulated during her time as secretary of state and deleted 30,000 personal ones.

And because the State Department is the rightful owner of Clinton's work-related emails, the FBI has started returning them to the State Department.

State Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau said the FBI turned over an "initial set" of those documents on Thursday.

"Just as we appropriately processed the material turned over to the department by former Secretary Clinton, we will appropriately, and with due diligence, process any additional material we received from the FBI to identify work-related agency records and make them available to the public consistent with our legal obligation," Trudeau said at a briefing with reporters today.

"As we have not yet reviewed the material, we're not going to speculate further about their scope or content, nor do we have any details to offer on how or when any such agency records will be released," Trudeau added.

The FBI has already reviewed the emails, so Clinton won't be subject to any more scrutiny for possible criminal charge when these emails are made public. Comey said his investigators determined three of them were classified.