Hillary Clinton Jokes Donald Trump's Economic Speech Was Written by '6 Guys Named Steve'

Hillary Clinton wasted little time in criticizing Trump's new economic plan.

During remarks at campaign rallies in St. Petersburg and Kissimmee, Florida, Clinton slammed her opponent for trying to "repackage trickle-down economics" and for creating an economic policy that she believes would only benefit the wealthy. She also took a jab at Trump's new list of economic advisers, suggesting they were probably just "six guys named Steve."

“It will present a night-and-day contrast to the job-killing, tax-raising, poverty-inducing Obama-Clinton agenda,” Trump said.

During her remarks in Kissimmee, Clinton accused Trump of only talking about the economy to "change the subject," and said she's taking a different approach.

"I intend to make the wealthy pay their fair share to build this economy," she said.

Meanwhile, Clinton also continued her attacks on her opponent's temperament.

"Don’t be fooled, there is no other Donald Trump, what you see is what you get," Clinton exclaimed in St. Petersburg. "He is the same person who can be provoked by a tweet. And who takes apparent pleasure in tormenting protesters at his rallies, a reporter with a tough question, even a crying baby and a Gold Star family. So just imagine Donald Trump in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. What happens when someone gets under his skin?"

She offered this advice to the crowd: "Don’t let a friend vote Trump."

ABC News' Candace Smith contributed to this report.