Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Double Digits in New National Poll

Poll comes as Ted Cruz drops out of race.

ByABC News
May 4, 2016, 8:26 AM

— -- Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton leads Republican front-runner Donald Trump by double digits in a new CNN-ORC national poll as the 2016 race turns toward the general election.

Clinton earns 54 percent support while Trump garners 41 percent support. The numbers come as Trump's main rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race, virtually clearing the way for Trump to clinch the nomination.

Clinton's delegate lead over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders is also nearly insurmountable, despite her loss in Indiana Tuesday.

The poll shows several major demographic struggles for Trump. The real estate mogul is tied with Clinton among men but trailing her among women by 26 percentage points.

He leads whites by 9 points, but trails nonwhites by a whopping 67 points. He also trails among independents by 11 points.

Trump is statistically tied with Clinton on who voters say would do a better job handling the economy and terrorism. But Clinton holds a slim lead over Trump on immigration and wide leads on health care, income inequality, foreign policy, education and climate change.

Majorities of both candidates’ supporters say their votes are more to express opposition to their opponent than to express support for their candidate.