Hillary Clinton Takes Questions From Her Traveling Press for First Time in 88 Days

Clinton took questions for the first time in almost three months.

ByABC News
March 1, 2016, 5:59 PM

— Minneapolis, MN -- For the first time in 88 days, Hillary Clinton took questions from her traveling press corps during a coffee shop stop in Minnesota this afternoon.

Clinton's decision to take questions comes after growing pressure from reporters who have recently been tweeting and writing stories about the lack of access to the Democratic presidential candidate.

The former Secretary of State regularly ignores reporters on the rope line and also travels in a separate charter from her press corps.

The lack of access to the Democratic presidential front-runner has led reporters to bombard Clinton with questions on the rope line as she's greeting supporters at campaign events. But -- aside from an occasional "Hi!" or "I'm feeling great!" in response -- she ignores them there, too.

During the unscheduled media availability with reporters today, Clinton responded to questions about her Super Tuesday chances, the path forward for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the whole GOP field.

Here are the highlights of what she said:

QUESTION: How will you do on Super Tuesday?

CLINTON: "I don’t know. We’re working hard everywhere and I know it’s hard, and I think all we could do is hope people turn out for the primaries and caucuses and we wanna do as well as we can."

QUESTION: Does Bernie Sanders have a path forward after Super Tuesday?

CLINTON: "I’m not gonna comment on that. Let’s see what voters decide and all these states that are lined up today and we’ll take stock after it’s over but I gotta keep going.”

QUESTION: Will you call on him to drop out?

CLINTON: “Everybody needs to make their own decision."

QUESTION: Should Trump's comments on the KKK and David Duke disqualify him?

CLINTON: "You know I was very disappointed that he did not disavow what appears to be support from David Duke ... that is exactly the kind of statement that should be repudiated upon hearing it ... so I’m gonna continue to speak out against bigotry wherever I see it or hear about it and I wish everybody, not just running for president, I wish every American would do the same."

QUESTION: Will Donald Trump be the eventual nominee?

CLINTON: “Obviously he’s done very well, he could be on the path, maybe somebody else could intervene and rise above that, but I’m gonna wait and see the nominee."

And on the GOP field, Clinton added this: "It's just turned into a kind of a one-upmanship on insulting and I don’t think that’s appropriate in a presidential campaign.”