Hillary Clinton's loss was 'unexpected blessing' for the family, says daughter Chelsea Clinton

She joked her mother coped with "a little chardonnay and a lot of Charlotte."

ByABC News
May 31, 2017, 12:53 PM

— -- Chelsea Clinton revealed to "The View" that Hillary Clinton's presidential loss was actually an "unexpected blessing" for the family, because of "all the time we have been able to spend together."

"We spent lots of time with my children," Chelsea Clinton explained. "My son, Aidan, is 11 months old now -- and my daughter, Charlotte, is 2-and-a-half."

Chelsea Clinton joked that her mother coped with the loss with "a little chardonnay and a lot of Charlotte. Thankfully."

She shared how her daughter's fascination with Peter Rabbit stories inspired the family to plant a garden at her parents' home in Chappaqua, New York.

"Seeing my mother and father dig in the dirt with my daughter ... was such an unforeseen gift that my daughter was giving me to see my parents in that way," Chelsea Clinton said.

She explained she didn't "remember" seeing her parents gardening, though she was told as a child the family planted "tomatoes and petunias" together.

"I mean, my memories as a kid are, you know, my parents coming to my dance recitals or my choir recitals or helping with my science homework," Chelsea Clinton said.

Clinton also spoke of how her husband of seven years, Marc Mezvinsky, was one of 11 children and how her mother-in-law "has a brood of grandkids." She said Mezvinsky's mother "was so excited that our first child was going to join the family."

"My parents acted as if the whole universe had shifted," Clinton added. "Now they really are the center of the universe for my parents. It's a real blessing."

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