Republicans Maintain Control of US Senate

Democrats had hoped to gain enough seats to split the chamber 50-50.

— -- In a turn of events that reflects the election's unpredictable results up and down the ticket, Republicans will hold onto control of the U.S. Senate despite predictions that they would at least narrowly lose their majority in the upper chamber of Congress.

The New Hampshire Senate race was still yet to be called as the wee hours of the morning approached.

Even as polls closed on election night, the fate of the Senate was unclear. Republicans went into the night holding a 54-seat majority but having a much tougher job than Democrats, who had to defend 10 incumbents, most of whom were in solid blue territory, compared to 24 GOP incumbents running for reelection.

The results in the Senate were just as unforeseen as they were decisive.

“We’re forecasting Democrats to win control of the Senate, but only by the slimmest of margins,” Sabato wrote.

But as the clock ticked toward the closing of polls, both the Democratic and Republican Senate campaign committees expressed confidence that they’d taste victory by the end of the night.