Inside Ben Carson's Possible Staff Shake-up

With weeks left until the Iowa caucuses, Carson's campaign could be in flux.

In two separate interviews, one with Washington Post and one with AP, Carson said no job in his campaign is safe and that "every job is on the table."

Carson said a staff shake-up could be imminent, and left open the possibility that campaign manager Barry Bennett may not remain in charge.

However, the presidential candidate’s staff is disputing those claims, telling ABC News that it's not true.

Bennett tells ABC News, that the information in the articles was false. Bennett has spoken with Carson about the topic, he says, he "was talking about ideas and tactics, not people."

When asked specifically why Carson was speaking about his campaign staff, Bennett dodged the question, saying he didn't know why Carson was saying those things.

After ABC spoke with Bennett, Carson released a statement touting "100 percent confidence" in his campaign team.

"We are refining some operational practices and streamlining some staff assignments to more aptly match the tasks ahead, but my senior team remains in place with my full confidence, and they will continue to execute our campaign plan," the statement says.

Carson told CNN's Don Lemon on Tuesday, that the Washington Post has misconstrued his interview.

"They were convinced I was going to fire everybody and we were just going to go in a completely different direction," he told Lemon. "And that's absolutely not true. I said we are constantly looking at everything and continue to look at everything."

He explained that the campaign "may have to add some people or change people," but nothing is definite.