Inside Hillary Clinton's Midnight Visit to a Las Vegas Hotel Laundry Room

Clinton courted union workers ahead of the Nevada caucuses on Saturday.

February 18, 2016, 12:55 PM

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Before going to bed early this morning, Hillary Clinton paid a late-night visit to a laundry room at her Las Vegas hotel to court a group of union housekeeping workers -- a sign of just how intense the race for every single vote in Nevada has become.

Clinton, wearing her glasses, entered the brightly lit room at Caesar's Palace just after midnight today where four female workers from Culinary Union 226 were folding hotel room linens as part of their 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. shift. She immediately gave each of them a hug.

"Mwah!" she said as she embraced one Yugoslavian woman named Brama.

"I know you do a hard job," Clinton continued, explaining that she had just flown in from Chicago and, upon arrival at her hotel, she asked herself, "Who is still working?"

"A lot of people are," she said.

This was the third time Clinton met with workers from Las Vegas' Culinary Union in less than a week. The visit came just hours after a new CNN/ORC poll showed Clinton and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, nearly tied in the state.

During the short visit, Clinton told the women that she appreciates all the work they do and asked them to caucus for her at 11 a.m. on Saturday. "You know you can caucus here?" she asked them.

A manager chimed in to clarify for the workers that they will have the time granted for the opportunity to caucus at the hotel if they so choose.

Clinton then said she wanted to take a group photo. "I'm so happy to see you," she said before leaving.

Following the visit, the housekeeper Brama told reporters she had been unaware that there was a caucus.

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