Inside the Trump-Schumer talks leading up to the government shutdown

The New York senator and the president spoke several times Friday.

Below is a tick-tock of the Trump-Schumer interactions in the hours leading up to the shutdown, according to a Democratic source familiar with their interactions on Friday.

10:45 a.m.: President Trump calls Sen. Schumer

The two men had a good conversation, both agreeing they weren't that far apart on the key issues, and that neither side wanted a shutdown, according to the source.

During the phone call, Trump and Schumer agreed to sit down so that they could hash things out.

Lunchtime: Trump and Schumer meet in the small dining room off of the Oval Office

In a meeting that lasted 90 minutes, Trump and Schumer discuss the overall construct of a possible agreement on both funding the government and providing legal status to the dreamers -- undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as young children.

To give time to work out a deal, Schumer suggested Congress pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government open for just a few days. According to the source, the president told Schumer he thought that was a good idea.

Trump said he would talk to the Republicans and they would discuss it further later in the afternoon.

Afternoon: Trump calls Schumer a few hours after their lunchtime sit-down

Although Trump had said at lunch that a funding extension of a few days was a good idea, he told Schumer he thought there had been a Congressional agreement to extend funding for three weeks. The President told Schumer to work it out with McConnell.

Later in the afternoon: Trump calls Schumer

Schumer and the president agree to keep working.

After his call with Trump, Schumer calls McConnell

McConnell, according to the source, tells Schumer he needs to work it out with the president.

Kelly later calls Schumer and complains that the outline that Schumer and Trump had discussed was too liberal. Full funding of the President's border security request would not be enough, on its own, to strike a deal giving legal status to the dreamers..

Fast forward to midnight, and the government shuts down.

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