Iowa released 62% of caucus results, so the internet made Great Gatsby jokes

A bookstore in Washington, D.C., got the gag going with a Great Gatsby joke.

The internet was up pretty late Monday night waiting for Iowa caucus results.

And, well, they're still waiting, at least for approximately 38% of them. And everyone's a little punchy.

The Iowa Democratic Party released 62% of the results Tuesday afternoon, nearly 19 hours after revealing technical issues had delayed results in an embarrassing mistake for the first-in-the-nation contest. State party chair Tony Price called the incident a "stumbling block," but vowed that a paper trail existed and the "data is accurate."

But many sped to social media to mock the idea that a political narrative could be formed from under two-thirds of anything. Imagine, for instance, trying to do that for a book.

A bookstore in, appropriately, Washington, D.C., got the gag going with a "Great Gatsby" joke. The rest of the internet took it from there.

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