Jeb Bush Puts Out Quiz Slamming Donald Trump

The attacks between GOP candidates Bush and Trump are becoming more personal.

ByABC News
September 2, 2015, 10:28 AM

— -- As with any good political feud, the attacks between Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are becoming more personal.

The Bush campaign today put out a quiz asking “Which Candidate Are You?” that's designed to highlight the differences between Bush’s positions and Trump’s.

The quiz is live on the campaign’s Facebook page and takes voters to a page with a series of questions that range from the serious to the strange, all choices lead to either Bush or Trump.

If one were to get Bush, the choice is described as:

"Like you, he supports cutting taxes, reducing spending, and limiting the role of the federal government in your life.”

Conversely, if one’s choices lead to Trump, that summary is described as:

“You have clear Democratic tendencies. You’re looking for the candidate who proposed record new tax hikes, supported single-payer health care, and supported an assault weapons ban. You’ve found your man in Donald Trump."

While many of the questions are policy-based, asking about stances of abortion, healthcare, guns, tax reform, etc, one is a more personal…and a little odd.

The last question on the quiz reads: "Would you rather support a candidate who strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germophobe when it comes to shaking hands?"

It is a not-so-subtle jab at Trump, who is a self-declared “germaphobe” and has said he “hates shaking hands” though he later said he would obviously shake hands if he ever ran for office and has done so since declaring his candidacy.

It is all yet another chapter of the ongoing battle between the two candidates. Yesterday the two engaged in a war of advertisements, Trump hitting Bush for saying illegal immigration was “an act of love”, Bush slamming Trump for his Democratic tendencies. Trump then warned Bush that others who have gone after him have now all slipped in the polls.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows both men trailing when it comes to how the public views them. Trump is viewed at unfavorably by 59% of all Americans while Bush is viewed unfavorably by 55% of Americans, though Bush is viewed much more favorably when it comes to Hispanic-Americans, a voting group both men are trying to court and that Trump has said he will win over.

Neither have campaign events scheduled for today but, though the candidates may be off, their feud most certainly is not.