Joe Biden Jabs Newt Gingrich Over Vice Presidential Rumors

Biden asked him, "Newt, are you going to do it?"

Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Summit, Biden pointed Gingrich out in the crowd, asking loudly, "Newt, are you going to do it?"

The crowd laughed as Gingrich jokingly sought advice from the sitting vice president.

"Should I?" Gingrich said.

Biden then responded, "I think [Trump] needs the help, yes."

"Should he be vice president?" Biden said. "I tell him, it's a hell of a job. Get a big pay raise. It's all work."

In addition to comments on his "cancer moonshot" initiative, Biden also answered some questions on politics and the 2016 election.

Expressing no regrets about not jumping in the race, Biden admitted he was concerned about the tone developing in the current matchup.

"What worries me about this election is it looks like an election that's going to be conducted that is a frontal assault on the other person," Biden said. "And I'm not sure, even where there's the substantive arguments being made, how much it will be listened to by the press. And we’ve got to get by this place, we really do for the sake of the country, we've got to get by it."