John Boehner’s Revenge: How The House Speaker Is Punishing GOP Defectors

Boehner strikes back against 25 Republicans who opposed him in speaker vote.

There may be more payback on the way that could target the 25 Republicans who voted against Boehner’s reelection.

“We had a situation yesterday where we had to constitute the Rules Committee because of some of the activities on the floor,” Boehner, R-Ohio, explained during a news conference at the Capitol today. “Two of our members weren't put back on the committee immediately. I had not had a chance to talk to them.”

Webster received 12 votes in the speaker's race, including one from himself and one from Nugent. Stripping them of their most precious committee assignment is being widely perceived as payback for bucking Boehner.

Boehner narrowly survived a tense vote to win a third term as House Speaker, receiving the support of 216 of his colleagues -- 11 more than he needed for a simple majority. Twenty-four Republicans voted for someone else while one voted present.

Today, Boehner said House Republicans are “going to continue to have a family conversation,” hinting that there could be more payback coming for the other defectors as the leadership team builds its agenda in the coming days.

“I told the members the same thing I'm saying here: We're going to have a family conversation, which we had this morning, about bringing our team together,” Boehner said. “I expect that those conversations over the next couple of days will continue and we'll come to a decision about how we go forward.”