Judge Thomas Hardiman: What You Need to Know About the Possible Supreme Court Nominee

Trump said he will announce his nominee tonight.

Judge Thomas Hardiman, 51, and federal Judge Neil Gorsuch are on Trump’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees, according to officials with knowledge of the decision.

Here is what you need to know about Hardiman:


That’s the same court where Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry is a senior judge.

Hardiman was nominated to the bench by President George W. Bush.


Hardiman has weighed in on cases across the legal spectrum.

He has not weighed in on abortion issues.

What Others Are Saying

Compared with other possible Supreme Court contenders, Hardiman hasn't weighed in on high-profile issues that have the potential to "inflame the base of either party," said Carl W. Tobias of the University of Richmond School of Law.

He's a "very solid judge" who brings the benefit of having been on the district court, said Tobias, adding that because of his experience, Hardiman understands "what it is like to be in the trenches."

ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Geneva Sands contributed to this story.