Julián Castro says visiting Florida detention center is not 'a stunt'

Julián Castro will stress decriminalization of border crossings at first debate.

June 26, 2019, 10:06 PM

Just hours ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro joined the "Powerhouse Politics" podcast and expressed that he plans to press his case for decriminalization of illegal border crossings when he takes the debate stage on Wednesday.

Castro admitted to ABC News Political Director Rick Klein and ABC News Chief Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce that his name recognition is not currently as high as some other candidates, but said he hopes that by the end of the debate, people will better understand his experience and vision for the country.

"Right now, it's, 'articulate your vision for the future of the country and your answer on these important issues that you're facing in one minute,' and I'm going to try and do that tonight," Castro said.