Justice Ginsburg Earns Her 'Notorious' Nickname With Black Gloves

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sported fun accessories tonight.

The 81-year-old associate justice is known for wearing festive decorative collars, or jabots, over her black robe but this year she decided to accessorize elsewhere as well.

Her gloves were seen up close when she was pictured giving President Obama a hug when he approached the Supreme Court section of the Congressional chamber before heading up to the podium.

Adding to the fun of the black gloves was the fact that they thematically match her "Notorious RBG" persona that stemmed from a fan's Tumblr page.

Ginsburg wasn't going to just let her hands get all of the attention, however. She also sported a wide red, white and blue beaded jabot that spiced up her traditional robe.

Though she didn't specifically address the jabot she wore tonight, it is seen lying next to her favorite collar, a white beaded one that she said was made in Cape Town, South Africa.