Kimmel mocks Trump for misspelling 'Melania' in welcome-home tweet

Trump misspelled his wife's name while welcoming her home via Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Donald Trump on Monday for misspelling his wife's name in a tweet that welcomed her home from the hospital.

"In between fits of hysteria, the president welcomed Melania back home after she had a kidney procedure," Kimmel said, but, "he misspelled his own wife's name."

Trump sent the tweet on Saturday after the first lady returned home, writing: "Great to have our incredible first lady back home in the White House. Melanie is feeling and doing very well."

Some social media users blamed Twitter’s autocorrect feature for the misspelling, but Kimmel said he had proof that wasn't it.

"At first," The "Live!" host said, "I assumed it must have been an autocorrect thing that did it. But it turns out, not only doesn't Twitter autocorrect to 'Melanie,' if you type 'Melania' it doesn't even highlight it. So it wasn't autocorrect.

"I think this happened because his fingers are so big, his hands, and when your hands and fingers are that big and meaty, the E, the A, the R, the S, you can't help it, you just mash the letters all at once."

In the end, Kimmel joked that maybe the president deserved a bit of slack.

"'Melania' is not a common name, but it's not so hard to spell," he said. "But to be fair to him, he's had quite a few wives. So, it's hard to keep track."