LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd Break Down 3rd Democratic Debate

Assessing apologies, Trump mentions, and whether debate changes anything.

ABC News contributors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson assessed the night.

The Apology

“Yes, I apologize,” Sanders responded unequivocally.

O’Malley opened the debate by urging Americans to never surrender ideals to “fascist pleas of billionaires with big mouths,” and Clinton said Trump would be used as fodder for ISIS recruitment. O’Malley also made a post-debate appearance on “Strait Talk,” where he emphasized how he tried to fight for equal time.

“Every other Republican seems to be engaged on Twitter except for the one Republican everyone was talking about, which was Donald Trump,” said Granderson.

Dowd noted Trump could benefit from being attacked at Saturday night’s debate, making him the likely GOP nominee. He also added the Democratic candidates seemed a bit out of touch with Americans’ high fear level during the debate, which could hinder them in the general election.

Hillary’s Strengths

“She was likable,” said Granderson, noting she came across as strong and competent without appearing condescending.

Dowd highlighted the fact that she had more of a “general election debate than she did a primary debate”

Overall Impact

LZ Granderson and Matthew Dowd serve as contributors for ABC News. Their opinions don't reflect those of ABC News.