Marco Rubio Calls Himself the GOP's 'Best Chance' to Unite Conservatives

A beaming Marco Rubio rides a wave of momentum into New Hampshire.

The Republican hopeful argued that his strong, third-place performance in the Hawkeye State “wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“They told us at the beginning of this race that I shouldn’t even run, that it wasn’t my turn; I needed to wait in line,” Rubio, 44, added.

He went on to say the people of Iowa realized he was their “best chance.”

“I give the country the best chance not just to unify the conservative movement,” he said, “but to grow it.”

Rubio also said he could sense the growing support in Iowa before the caucuses.

“We felt that momentum in the last few days,” Rubio said, adding that he hopes the Monday night outcome will “translate” in New Hampshire, which holds its primary a week from today.

“I want people to be realistic about our challenges and optimistic about our future,” he said.