Marco Rubio Says Ted Cruz’s Immigration Record Lacks 'Consistency'

The Florida senator appeared on "This Week."

On Sunday afternoon, the Cruz campaign hit back.

“As much as Rubio now regrets joining up with Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight, the record is exceptionally clear,” said Cruz spokesperson Rick Tyler.

“[Rubio] supported dangerous policies that would have encouraged more illegal immigration, left our border wide open, and allowed Syrian terrorists acting as refugees into the country,” Tyler said.

“The American people are not confused on these points no matter how many times Senator Rubio says otherwise,” he added.

On This Week, Rubio also called Cruz out for comments he once made about Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked classified information about government surveillance programs and is now living in Russia under asylum. In 2013, Cruz said Snowden had done a "public service" by showing the NSA was "seizing millions of personal records about law-abiding citizens" with "minimal restrictions on accessing or reviewing those records."

“I never believed Edward Snowden was a good public servant the way that Ted Cruz once said that he had done a public service for America,” said Rubio. "Edward Snowden is a traitor.”

Rubio then went on to bash Cruz for having voted to weaken government surveillance programs, a now common line of attack.

“We should not have a commander in chief that wants to weaken our intelligence programs,” Rubio said.

The Cruz campaign has previously responded by calling Rubio’s national security positions “dangerous” and “incoherent”.

"Rubio's foreign policy and national security strategy is to invade Middle Eastern countries, create power vacuums for terrorist organizations, allow their people to come to America unvetted, give them legal status and citizenship, then impose a massive surveillance state to monitor the problem," Cruz's national spokesperson Alice Stewart said in a statement last week.