Marco Rubio Is Ticked Off About The Iran Deal (And He Wants Everyone To Know)

The presidential candidate wants everyone to know it.

Rubio added: "The Iranian regime and the world should know this deal -- this deal is your deal with Iran.”

That same day, in one of three national television interviews since the hearing, Rubio made it clear that as president he would "absolutely" re-impose sanctions on Iran.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Rubio has made his opposition to the deal a pillar of his campaign, emerging as one of the its harshest and most outspoken critics.

One of the outside groups backing his presidential bid, the Conservative Solutions Project, has already released two ads criticizing the deal, calling it a "bad deal" and claiming it would give Iran "a clear path to a nuclear bomb."

At the Senate hearing, Kerry told Rubio he was confident the next president would have enough common sense to not arbitrarily end the deal if it was being properly implemented.

“If you think the Ayatollah is going to come back and negotiate again with an American, that’s fantasy,” Kerry said. “You’re never going to see that because we will have proven we’re not trustworthy."

"The fantasy is in believing that they’re going to even live to the accord," Rubio shot back in an interview with CBS on Friday. "This is a country that has a long history, at least the leaders of Iran do, of violating agreements and of always having a secret nuclear program."