Martha Raddatz reflects on her upcoming miniseries about Black Sunday: 'It's different than anything I’ve ever done'

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reflects on "Long Road Home" on "Powerhouse Politics"

Sergeant Eric Bourquin, whose platoon was ambushed, recalled being under the impression that they were on a "peacekeeping mission."

“I was a very young man and we were just doing a patrol out there,” Sgt. Bourquin, who was 23 years-old during the ambush, told ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics,” adding, “on the way back things changed dramatically for us.”

Actor and producer Jon Beavers who plays Sgt. Bourquin, thinks the new series will “affect the conversation.”

“It touches on the different humans, the different individuals that pay the cost of war, I think we as a country maybe need an update on what is the cost of war and who pays it,” Beavers, also known for his roles in NCIS (2003) and Gotham (2014) said.

Despite the raw emotions portrayed on-camera, Raddatz said the last night of shooting was the “most emotional” night on set, as the mother of a soldier who was lost on Black Sunday, walked the set replicating the scene where her son died, alongside Raddatz and the actor playing her son.

“The actor had his arm around her, I had my arm around her, holding hands, walking down that set, and I said ‘Do you want to come off, do you want to take a break?” Raddatz recalled of the walk, adding, “She said no, no, no ... I want to see what he experienced, I want to be where he was ... she looked up into the sky of the set and said this is the last thing he saw. But she said I think he was so brave.”

Following the series finale, the National Geographic Channel will air a documentary produced by ABC News with Iraq war veterans.