Meet Bernie Sanders' Top Celebrity Backers

Here are Bernie Sanders' star-studded fans.

The man known for his ability to draw massive crowds is also a favorite among celebrities, due in part to his grassroots movement and enthusiasm. Here are some of Sanders’ star-studded supporters.

Actress Susan Sarandon took to Facebook to declare her support for Sanders, calling him, “courageous and level-headed in times of crisis.” She's used the hashtag “#feelthebern” on Twitter.

Rapper and mogul Brandon McCartney, known to his 1.16 million Twitter followers as Lil B the Based God, has switched his allegiance from Clinton to Sanders. Lil B cites many reasons for his support of the Vermont senator, from his civil rights track record, to the fact that he follows black people on Twitter (Sanders followed Lil B back on Twitter last month).

Julian Casablancas, singer for The Strokes and Julian Casablancas+Voidz, referred to Sanders as “the only candidate not bribed and the only one fighting for good.”

For environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, Sanders is a “stand-up guy.” McKibben wrote that, “America's wildlife… [is] awfully happy to have a loud Brooklyn-accented voice demanding real, fundamental change.”

Actor Justin Long posted an infographic comparing the top ten donors of Clinton and Sanders, with the caption, “A president who represents the people or a president who represents banks, corporations + the media?”

Childhood star Cole Sprouse, known for his role on Disney's The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, tweeted his wish for Sanders to run for president back in April. He has since continued his online support for the candidate, most recently tweeting in reference to activists interrupting a Sanders speech in Seattle: “Civil right activists stopping a #BernieSanders speech is practically cannibalism. This isn't the way you appeal to a rational audience.”