Meet John Fetterman, The Tattooed, Head-Shaven Mayor Running for Senate

The mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, is also a Harvard graduate.

— -- He’s not your typical United States Senate candidate.

Sitting down with ABC News at The Science Club in Washington, D.C., Fetterman talked about his tenure as mayor, his Senate campaign, and what he hopes to bring to the table on Capitol Hill.

“A lot of the deaths on my arm are young black males that are involved in the drug trade,” he said. Fetterman added that discussing proposed gun control measures “needs to be a common conversation where we just have to say ‘enough is enough.’”

“It's not because I did something special or I'm intelligent or anything. It's just because of the family I was born into, this random lottery of birth that occurs that ... is so hard to escape if you're born into a community like mine,” he explained.

"It's just not fair and it's un-American and I think that really underpins why I'm running,” Fetterman added.

ABC News' Veronica Stracqualursi, Tom Thornton, Jasmine Spencer and John Bullard contributed to this production.