Meet Pat Roberts: The U.S. Senator Who's Obsessed With 'Frozen'

Why Pat Roberts might be the biggest fan of the film 'Frozen' in the Senate.

In the middle of a hearing last week, Roberts' cell phone rang, revealing he chose "Let It Go," the hit song from Disney's "Frozen" movie, as his ringtone. (The senator later explained it was for his grandkids.) The hearing room burst into laughter as Roberts told his colleagues to "let" his blunder "go." But he was not done quoting the film just yet.

And later in the hearing, Roberts confidently announced, "I think the whole world knows I have grandchildren, and I want to let it go," after incorrectly addressing a witness.

ABC News caught up with Roberts after the hearing to ask about all things "Frozen."

Roberts declined to reveal exactly which quote from the movie is his favorite. His reasoning? Grandkids. He whispered that he could only answer the question one day “very quietly… unless I want my five grandkids to say, ‘Shhh! Pawpaw!’ Don’t talk!”

Following reports that a new "Frozen" Broadway stage adaptation is in the works, we asked Roberts if he planned on seeing the show one day on the Great White Way. He responded, laughing, “I might even be in it!”

The senator went on to reveal that, though he has no favorite part from the princess tale, he is ready for the fairytale world of Anna and Elsa to return to the screen. “I want the next one to come out,” adding, “Maybe I’ll have a brand new theme song!”

And maybe he will also have a new ringtone to premiere in the Senate chambers.