Meet Will Pierce: The Super Fan Trying to Convince Joe Biden to Run For President

Will Pierce spends his days trying to get the vice president to run in 2016.

Below is an edited Q&A with Pierce:

ABC: As the co-creator of this group, what’s the specific appeal of Joe Biden?

ABC: Like whom?

Pierce: One of our endorsers is the state representative from Iowa, Bruce Hunter. Whenever the Vice President runs or thinks about running, they go to Iowa with him and his wife, Bev Hunter. Bev ... literally runs the unions in Iowa, and they basically consider the Vice President a close personal friend. They say when he comes to Iowa, he’s not , like, trying to get something- he just wants to know how their family is doing. He wants to know how their neighbor, who’s 80 years old is doing.

ABC: Is this your full time job?

Pierce: Yes.

ABC: Have you worked for Biden before?

Pierce: I’ve been working with Biden on campaigns for 8 to 10 years -- since 2006. Mainly I was with the Vice President 2008 and 2012 as an advance staffer so I traveled mostly with Dr. Biden but I did travel a little bit with the Vice President.

ABC: Have you had any direct contact with him since you started the super PAC?

Pierce: No, since we’re a super PAC we try to avoid any direct contact.

ABC: How big is your staff now?

Pierce: We have 10-15 people right now. We have people on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina. We have about 10 people in our Chicago headquarters, and then right now we have 180,000 supporters across the country.

ABC: How late is too late for Biden to enter the race?

ABC: What are the odds he actually runs?

Pierce: We haven’t seen any signals saying he’s not going to run. I actually said on MSNBC one time, I called him out and I said, “if you don’t want us to keep doing this, let us know.” We heard nothing from him then, we didn’t hear a no, we didn’t hear a yes, just silence. And that’s beauty to us. But a lot of our supporters, we’re just waiting for whatever he decides. We know he’s not just going to sit there and leave it as an open-ended answer.

ABC: Are you raising money?

ABC: Have you talked to supporters of the other Democratic candidates who have said that they would transfer their support if Biden ran?

Pierce: Yeah. A lot of supporters, they’re supporting the other candidates because the vice president isn’t a candidate yet. But there’s a lot of support out there. We have seen that with a lot of the people who signed our petition. They say, “Right now, I’m supporting O’Malley. I’m supporting Bernie. But when the Vice President gets in, I want to throw my support 100% behind him.”

ABC: How do you think the death Beau Biden will affect the vice president’s decision whether to run or not?

Pierce: I actually knew Beau. When news came out in May about Beau’s passing, we were very supportive. A lot of our supporters actually knew Beau. One thing that is really key--a Wall Street Journal article came out and said that Beau actually wanted the Vice President to run. And one thing about the Vice President, he’s resilient. And when he was elected to the United States Senate, his wife and daughter were tragically killed in a car crash. And a lot of people thought he wasn’t going to serve in the Senate because of that. But instead, he Amtrak’ed back and forth to Delaware to be with his sons, Hunter and Beau. What a lot of people are saying, and speculating, is that he can use that as motivation-Beau wanted him to run… personally, I do see him using that to motivate him. There’s been a lot of momentum. We’re urging our supporters to sign the petition- just when and if the Vice President runs, he has an army ready to go behind him.

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