Netflix CEO Says Trump Win 'So Bad for America'

The internet movie and TV chief spoke at a conference in New York City.

NEW YORK -- At a conference in New York City on Friday, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said a Trump presidency would "so bad" for the country that any concerns about its effect on the economy would be secondary.

The internet movie and TV chief made the comment on stage at The New Yorker TechFest, a conference of tech leaders hosted by The New Yorker magazine.

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, asked Hastings how he thinks a Donald Trump victory in the presidential race would affect the economy.

Hastings paused briefly before responding: ”It’s so bad for America if he wins, it’s secondary for the economy.”

The Netflix boss has been critical of the Republican nominee in the past.

In June, he endorsed Hillary Clinton, putting out a statement that said: "Trump would destroy much of what is great about America. Hillary Clinton is the strong leader we need, and it’s important that Trump lose by a landslide to reject what he stands for."