--HILLARY CLINTON ON PRIVATE EMAIL: 'THAT WAS A MISTAKE. I'M SORRY'. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday told ABC News' David Muir that using a personal email account while Secretary of State was a "mistake" and that she is "sorry" for it. "That was a mistake. I'm sorry about that. I take responsibility," the Democratic presidential candidate told Muir in an exclusive interview in New York City. This is the farthest Clinton has gone yet in offering an apology for her use of a private email server while Secretary of State, ABC'S LIZ KREUTZ notes. http://abcn.ws/1ESi5Yo FULL TRANSCRIPT: http://abcn.ws/1icBXvt

--WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE SAYING: "The only thing Hillary Clinton regrets is that she got caught and is dropping in the polls, not the fact her secret email server left classified information exposed to the Russians and Chinese," Republican National Committee National Press Secretary Allison Moore wrote in a statement. "Hillary Clinton's reckless attempt to skirt government transparency laws put our national security at risk and shows she cannot be trusted in the White House."

--CLINTON SAYS BIDEN 'COULD BE A GOOD PRESIDENT': Hillary Clinton said Tuesday her friend and potential rival Vice President Joe Biden "could be a good president," telling MUIR "he deserves to test the waters." Asked if Biden would make a "good president," she at first said he is a "great vice president," adding she "like(s) Joe Biden a lot." When pressed by Muir if the vice president would make a good president, Clinton answered, "I think he could be a good president. There's no doubt about that, but I think...we shouldn't get into the politics of this back and forth because I don't think it's fair to him. He's testing the waters. He deserves to test the waters." ABC's SHUSHANNAH WALSHE has more. http://abcn.ws/1QmVPHB

--ANALYSIS -- ABC's RICK KLEIN: The news of the Hillary Clinton interview was the apology. But a longer-lasting takeaway might be the flashes of reality. Asked whether she has had moments where she's wondered whether another presidential run is worth it, she gave a jarring response: "Yes, of course." It was an honest answer, but not necessarily one you'd expect any politician to answer honestly. Then there's Clinton's emotional reaction to a question about her mother. Waiting for a new Clinton campaign theme can be a wearying sport, and scripting the unscripted is a hazardous game. But Clinton has always been at her most likable when she shows honest slices of herself. That might be a more important page to turn than the ones about her email server.

EXCLUSIVE -- DRAFT BIDEN STAFFS UP IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND NEVADA. Draft Biden, the group encouraging Vice President Joe Biden to run for president, has hired new strategists to spearhead its operations in two early primary states -- New Hampshire and Nevada -- as the group waits a 2016 decision from Biden, ABC's ARLETTE SAENZ reports. In New Hampshire, Draft Biden has hired state Rep. Dan Eaton, who previously served as the New Hampshire co-chair for Biden's 2008 presidential campaign, as its state director. Eaton will be joined by campaign strategist Mike Cuzzi, who is joining the Draft Biden efforts as an informal New England strategist. Cuzzi previously served as the political director and deputy state director for Obama for America in N.H. In Nevada, Draft Biden has recruited Ronni Council to serve as its state director and Jocelyn Sida to be its Latino Outreach Director. Council previously worked as a campaign manager for Senator Harry Reid and was Biden's state director during his 2008 campaign before joining Hillary Clinton's campaign as a senior advisor in Nevada. Sida was an Obama/Biden delegate to the 2012 Democratic Convention.

HAPPENING TODAY: CLINTON SET TO ADDRESS 'SKEPTICS' OF IRAN DEAL. Hillary Clinton is set to deliver remarks on Iran this morning in Washington, D.C. hours before Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, along with Sarah Palin, will take to the Capitol for a rally to protest the White House-backed deal. During her interview with ABC's DAVID MUIR yesterday, Clinton previewed her remarks. She said she will be "addressing the skeptics" -- who she acknowledged do "make some pretty good points" -- but will reiterate her belief that this deal is in the "best interest" of the United States and its allies, including Israel. Clinton's campaign has also released a preview of her speech this morning, including excerpts of her remarks today. According to her aides, she will be unveiling a 5-point strategy for dealing with Iran in the future. "I support this deal. I support it as part of a larger strategy toward Iran," she is expected to say. "By now, the outcome of the deal in Congress is no longer in much doubt. So we've got to start looking ahead to what comes next: enforcing it, deterring Iran and its proxies, and strengthening our allies."


--HILLARY CLINTON SAYS GRANDDAUGHTER CAN CALL HER 'GRANDMA' OR 'MADAME PRESIDENT,' Hillary Clinton says her granddaughter, Charlotte, can call her "whatever she chooses" but offered "Grandma" or "Madame President" as suggestions in an exclusive interview with ABC's DAVID MUIR on Tuesday. "I want to wait to see what she does call me," Clinton told Muir when asked how she would like her granddaughter to address her. "Grandma's fine. Madame President's fine. Whatever she chooses." Clinton explained that Charlotte, who turns one at the end of the month, "doesn't talk yet" but that she "makes lots of sounds" and has "got a few words out," ABC's LIZ KREUTZ reports. http://abcn.ws/1KZTlyC

--HILLARY CLINTON CALLS DONALD TRUMP'S CLAIMS ABOUT WOMEN'S HEALTH LAUGHABLE. In an interview with ABC's DAVID MUIR Tuesday, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump's claims that he would be better on women's health issues "laughable, if it weren't about a serious issue." "There he goes again," Clinton answered when Muir asked Clinton what her first reaction is when she hears Trump's claims, ABC's SHUSHANNAH WALSHE notes. "We just look at each other, we just shrug," Clinton said. "I mean, it's just more of the same and we're going to be held to a high standard about what I would do as president. How I would do it. What policies I would promote. What's my vision? How do I get things done? Everybody else should be asked the same." http://abcn.ws/1UFeX3W

IN THE NOTE'S INBOX: MATTHEW DOWD NAMED UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO INSTITUTE OF POLITICS FELLOW. The University of Chicago Institute of Politics today announced the five Fellows who will come to campus during the upcoming Fall Quarter, including ABC News Political Analyst MATTHEW DOWD. He will co-lead a biweekly series with Institute of Political Director and former top Obama adviser David Axelrod called "Campaign 2016: WTF?"



8 TIMES JOE BIDEN SOUNDED LIKE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (EVEN THOUGH HE ISN'T ONE). Vice President Joe Biden is still undecided about the 2016 race, but as he's traveled across the country the past week on official business, there have been a number of moments when it sounded like he was already on the campaign trail. ABC'S ARLETTE SAENZ looks at the eight times the VP looked and sounded like a presidential candidate -- from running a Labor Day parade route in Pittsburgh to touting his foreign policy experience in Florida. http://abcn.ws/1No5HCg

CONGRESS IS BACK TO WORK: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. Congress is back to work, and rushing headfirst into a series of critical votes and treacherous deadlines, including the Iran agreement, another possible government shutdown and a bill to keep highway projects from stalling. ABC'S ALI WEINBERG and BENJAMIN SIEGEL lay out what's ahead. http://abcn.ws/1hUrOTz

TED CRUZ, MIKE HUCKABEE HEAD TO KENTUCKY TO SUPPORT JAILED CLERK KIM DAVIS. Sen. Ted Cruz showed his support for embattled Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky yesterday. Davis is being held in contempt of court for refusing to comply with a Supreme Court decision and issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She has said it goes against her religious beliefs to do so. Since then her plight has been a rallying cry for some conservative presidential candidates that religious freedom is under assault. Cruz's trip occurred on the same day that Mike Huckabee, one of Cruz's rivals in the GOP presidential field, attended a prayer rally in support of Davis, according to ABC'S JESSICA HOPPER. http://abcn.ws/1Lhi2Ce

WHY SCOTT WALKER WON'T TAKE A POSITION ON THE US ACCEPTING REFUGEES. As Europe grapples with the mass migration of more than 300,000 refugees fleeing war in Syria, Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker won't say whether the United States should open its doors to absorb more of the migrants. Walker's reason for not taking a stand is that he says it would be hypothetical for him to do so since he is not currently the president, ABC'S JORDYN PHELPS notes. "I'm not president today and I can't be president today," the Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin governor said when asked by ABC News on Monday what he would do to address the current refugee crisis if he were president. "Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical." http://abcn.ws/1XH55ep


YES, THAT'S A 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN' HAT IN TOM BRADY'S LOCKER. There's one guy that Donald Trump isn't bad mouthing -- Tom Brady. While the New England Patriots quarterback has been dealing with the deflategate scandal, he has had the support of the GOP presidential candidate from the beginning. And Trump seems to have Brady's admiration, ABC's VERONICA STRACQUALURSI writes. A red "Make America Great Again" hat was spotted this weekend in Brady's locker at Gillette Stadium. During yesterday's Dennis and Callahan Interview Morning Show on WEEI, Brady confirmed that the hat was indeed from Trump. According to Brady, the two first met back in 2002 and became great golfing buddies. http://abcn.ws/1K64Lvm


@gwenifill: Think this is the oddest campaign ever? Nope. With @BeschlossDC @LaraMBrownPhD & Richard Norton Smith http://to.pbs.org/1NZUjN4

@alcivar: First signs of the end of political silly season: plenty of good political segments and guests on morning cable shows.

@GroverNorquist: Jeb Bush tax plan has 3 rates: 10/25/28. CIT 20% Full expensing. Territoriality. No death tax. No AMT Vox's outline: http://bit.ly/1NoJ8gO

@IsaacDovere: Jill Biden's spokesman: "She has always believed that her husband would make an excellent president" - tho she's torn http://politi.co/1K8uXKs

@amandacarpenter: Trump and Carson represent two approaches to confronting political correctness. One hot, one cool.