The Note: Top Political Stories of the Day

Early Voting Trends. According to an analysis of data by ABC News, approximately 1.5 million ballots have already been cast by either absentee or early voting. This is just 3.4% of the total advance votes cast in 2012. Early voting in the 2016 election has begun in 25 states, including the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. This includes states that either have in person voting or no excuse absentee. It’s still a bit early to tell which way the voting is going, but, according to both ABC’s analysis and reporting, some patterns are starting to emerge: Positive signs for Clinton in Florida and North Carolina, and positive signs for Trump in Ohio and Iowa. However, ABC’s JOHN KRUZEL, RYAN STRUYK and ALANA ABRAMSON report, these are very preliminary trends and can change, as early voting is supposed to increase within the coming weeks.


ABC’s JOHN SANTUCCI and CANDACE SMITH: The Trump team really pushed today that Donald Trump would call for term limits for members of Congress. Yet, he has said before he’s in favor of it and today in Colorado he said he would push for a constitutional amendment though he did not offer details. “If I'm elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. They've been talking about that for years. Decades of failure in Washington and decades of special interest dealing must and will come to an end,” Trump said at his campaign rally.

ABC’s MATTHEW CLAIBORNE: Hillary Clinton may be down today, but her husband was out for one final campaign event before heading to Vegas for tomorrow’s debate. Clinton slipped a bit when he mentioned he would be doing a bus tour in Pennsylvania, something the campaign has not yet announced. So far the president has done bus tours in Ohio and Iowa and they announced one for later this week in Florida. He also said that he reached out to a friend in Texas for a good one liner to sum up this election and that line is “If you don’t want someone to drive a truck off the cliff, don’t give them the keys.” Then he ended his speech with “Give Hillary the keys!”



"If you start whining before the game's even over? If whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job." --President Obama on Donald Trump's claim that the election is rigged.

HAPPENING TONIGHT (all times Eastern):

--5:00 PM - Donald Trump campaigns in Grand Junction, Colorado.

--6:00 PM -- Mike Pence holds a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

--10:00 PM - Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders hosts an early vote rally for his former primary competitor, Hillary Clinton, in Tucson, Arizona.


@ABCLiz: Mark Cuban and Meg Whitman will attend the debate tomorrow as guests of the Clinton camp, per @jmpalmieri

@mcuban: Cant wait to give a big hug to my bestie @realDonaldTrump at the debate tomorrow night. I know you miss me !

@wpjenna: Trump tells supporters in Colorado Springs: "Forget the press, read the internet." He adds that many reporters won't be around much longer.

@evanmcmurry: Trump in CO: "Who's a miner? Raise your hand. You! You don't look like a miner."

@igorbobic: Trump on Hillary: “You know what the debate prep is? It’s resting. It’s lying down and going to sleep."