Obama Administration Officials Walk Back 'Chickens***' Comment About Netanyahu

It was surprised to hear about the offensive comment.

Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that the comment, published by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic, was “counterproductive” and “inappropriate," and that he would be surprised if President Obama knew who said it to Goldberg.

“He certainly feels strongly that a war of words is not productive from either side. Obviously, we believe that moving forward it’s in the best interest of both sides to address any issues that may arise appropriately and respectfully, and not through personal attacks,” she said.

Psaki added that while the administration would likely not spend time searching for the official who made the remark about Netanyahu, Kerry would tell the Prime Minister the next time they talk that it did not reflect the administration’s view of him.

"The relationship is not in crisis. The relationship is actually fundamentally stronger in many respects than it’s ever been,” Rice said, speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum, also noting that she would be dining with her Israeli counterpart that evening, before they both convened a meeting of national security officials from their respective nations on Thursday.