Obamas Probably Staying in DC ‘a Couple of Years’ After Presidency Ends

The president reveals his future living plans.

— -- President Obama says he is likely to remain in the nation's capital “a couple of years” after his presidency ends.

The president was making small talk over lunch with a group of letter writers (Americans who have mailed letters to the White House and were chosen by the president's aides) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when one asked if his home was Hawaii.

Asked if he would go back to Chicago after he leaves the White House, Obama answered, "We haven't figured that out yet. We're gonna have to stay a couple of years in DC, probably, so that Sasha can graduate. Cause transferring somebody in the middle of high school -- tough."

Obama's comments represent the first clear indication that he and his family will maintain a presence in Washington after they move out of the White House next January.