From Pacquiao Fight to Pizza: Mitt Romney's Post-Election Travels

Since his election loss, the Republican has popped up all over the country.

ByABC News
December 10, 2012, 3:33 PM

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10, 2012 -- intro: After losing the presidential election in November, Mitt Romney might have hoped to fade back into the comforting quiet of anonymity.

But after a very public campaign that found the Republican candidate posing for pictures after taking a bite of a quinoa burger and playing Jenga before a national debate in an effort to soften his image, the press and members of the public aren't ready to let his celebrity go.

Romney has cropped up in newsfeeds and instagrams all over the country in the past month. Read on to see where the former Massachusetts governor has been spotted of late.

quicklist: 1title: Ringside at the Pacquiao-Marquez Boxing Matchtext: Romney's most recent appearance was in Las Vegas, ringside, Saturday night as Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Manny Pacquiao. Romney met Pacquiao twice that night before the boxer found himself face down in an arena full of screaming spectators, according to the New York Times. This raises the question, is there a Romney curse and is it catching?

Romney's wife, Ann, sat by his side for the match.


quicklist: 2title: Chowing Down at Pizza Parlorstext: Romney's love for pizza is well known, thanks to social media spotters posting pictures to their Facebooks, instagrams and Twitters.

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza -- home of the Messy Sundae -- posted this photo of staff to their Facebook page Nov. 19, noting that the Republican had stopped by their location in Del Mar, Calif. A Twitter user caught Mitt mid-bite at Pizzeria Limone in Cottonwoodheights, Utah, less than two weeks later.


quicklist: 3Title: The Romneys Go to DisneylandText: What better way to forget a very public loss than at the happiest place on Earth? The Romney clan made its escape to Disneyland the week of Thanksgiving. A photo of Mitt and the boys making somewhat undignified faces on a roller coaster went viral after the outing.

One Twitter user caught this shot of Ann and Mitt taming the tires at California Adventure. The theme park is about an hour and a half drive from La Jolla, where the Romneys have a home.

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quicklist: 4title: Thanksgiving in La Jollatext: On Thanksgiving Day, the stoic Romney posted this unusually playful picture of him and Ann to his Facebook page with the caption, "Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Much to be thankful for this year." The clean-cut couple stood in a kitchen, surrounded by countertops covered with a pot, aluminum foil and other odds and ends.

But according to the Washington Post, there wasn't much cooking going on in that kitchen.

The profile of Romney's life after election revealed that with so many grandkids underfoot, the Romney clan ordered their dinner from fast-casual chain Boston Market. Mitt and Ann have a total of five sons and 18 grandchildren.


quicklist: 5title: The Oval Officetext: Romney managed to squeeze out a smile while shaking hands with his former opponent in the Oval Office after Thanksgiving. The two met for a lunch that was closed to the press, but they allowed this one snapshot.

The awkward moment wrought comparisons to similar meetings of past presidential rivals.

But unlike many of the losing candidates of American history, Romney will not be headed back to a post in the U.S. government. Instead, he has rejoined the board of directors at Marriott International and has an office at Solamere Capital, his son's venture capital firm, according to The Associated Press.


quicklist: 6title: Bargain Hunting at Costcotext: TMZ captured pictures of Mitt and Ann Romney doing some Christmas shopping in the parking lot of warehouse retailer Costco last week. Some sites publishing the pictures pointed out that the toy truck Romney bought was made in China, despite his professed support for American manufacturers during the campaign. The pictures showed Romney with a cart full of supplies -- from toilet paper to wrapping paper -- and Ann trailing along behind him.

Before the election, Ann Romney talked with Rachel Ray about her love for Costco when shopping to feed all 30 family members. Costco founder James Sinegal endorsed President Obama in July.