Paul Ryan foe touts blue-collar upbringing in campaign ad

Randy Bryce, a Democrat, wants to face off against House Speaker Paul Ryan.

— -- Randy Bryce, a longtime union ironworker and cancer survivor, announced this week that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for Wisconsin's first district, a congressional seat currently held by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Bryce, a Wisconsin native and Army veteran, launched an emotional campaign ad that highlights his working-class background.

In the 2-minute TV ad, Bryce says he has been employed as an ironworker for 20 years and is seen engaging with local community members and co-workers.

The ad includes images of Ryan, who is portrayed as an enemy of big government and the Affordable Care Act. At one point Ryan can be heard saying, “This is repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Everybody doesn’t get what they want.”

The ad then cuts to Bryce’s mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

"I’m on 20 drugs and if I don’t take the one that costs thousands of dollars, I don’t know what would happen," she says, holding back tears.

Bryce launched two unsuccessful Wisconsin state legislature campaigns in 2012 and 2014. Before he can take on Ryan, who secured 65 percent of the vote in the 2016 general election, he must defeat self-proclaimed “regular guy” David Yankovich, who announced his candidacy on May 30 for the Democratic Party. An open primary will be held on Aug. 14, 2018.

Republican Paul Nehlen, who lost to Ryan in the 2016 primary, announced his attention to challenge the speaker again next year.