Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District Race 2014: ABC News' '14 For '14'

PHOTO: Former Rep. Margolies, who was bounced from office two decades ago after casting a decisive vote for President Bill Clintons budget plan, wants to represent the Philadelphia suburbs again.Sue Rubel/AP Photo
Former Rep. Margolies, who was bounced from office two decades ago after casting a decisive vote for President Bill Clinton's budget plan, wants to represent the Philadelphia suburbs again.

ABC News' "14 For 14" project is documenting 14 races that matter between now and November. This page will be updated throughout the year. See the full list of 2014 midterm election contests the ABC News political team is tracking.


Rep. Marjorie Margolies
Served as representative of Pennsylvania's 13th District 1993-1995.
Age: 71 (born: June 21, 1942)

State Rep. Brendan Boyle
Served as Pennsylvania state representative since 2008.

State Sen. Daylin Leach
Served as Pennsylvania state senator since 2008
Age: 52 (born: June 23, 1961)

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh
Has not held public office.
Age: 53 (born: September 22, 1960)


Pennsylvania's 13th District is up for grabs as Rep. Allyson Schwartz leaves her seat to run for governor. Journalist-turned-congresswoman-turned-Clinton-in-law Marjorie Margolies looks to retake her old seat, but faces strong challengers from across the party, in a race could set the tone for the Democrats in 2016. A win for the well-funded Margolies, whose son is married to Chelsea Clinton, could signal the strength of the Clinton machine. But Margolies has a checkered past: her ex-husband, former Iowa Congressman Ed Mezvinsky, was convicted on charges of fraud in 2001 and spent five years in prison. A recent report reveals that Margolies' charity, Women's Campaign International, spent an "unusually large proportion of its revenue on her own salary." The 13th District has been redrawn to include more working-class neighborhoods since Margolies was in office, and Boyle, who prides himself on a "100% pro-labor voting record," may have an edge with voters as the only candidate from inside Philadelphia city limits. Leach, the most liberal of the candidates, touts his advocacy for women's health and LGBT rights while Arkoosh, a practicing obstetric anesthesiologist, differentiates herself as the non-politician.


With no major Republican challengers emerging yet, the primary is the one to watch. Former Pennsylvania Democrats Executive Director Kevin Washo told ABC News this will be a "competitive" race, but that "she's not the only person in this race gaining traction. Could Margolies be the comeback kid, in a seat she famously lost after voting for Bill Clinton's budget?


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