Jolene Reinbolt
  • <p> The late Steve Reinboldt was the student equipment manager on the high school wrestling team coached by Dennis Hastert in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Reinboldt's sister, Jolene, said that years later, her brother told her Hastert had sexually abused him throughout his high school years. Hastert, already indicted for alleged paying off another purported victim of his &quot;misconduct,&quot; has not responded to the allegations against him.</p> <p> <a href="">EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Hastert Sex Abuse Victim Is Named by Family</a></p>
    Jolene Reinbolt/Yorkville High School Yearbook
  • Hastert’s Note in Steve's 1970 Yearbook

    Hastert’s Note in Steve's 1970 Yearbook
    "Steve - To a great, right hand man who gets that neglected feeling once in a while. I've really enjoyed you being around the last 3 years in football and wrestling and greatly appreciated your help even though I didn't always keep reminding you of it. I hope you make another go this year at wrestling manager - even though you are a V.I.P. now. It would seem kind of funny not having you around, keeping things under control. We had a great time in the Bahamas, even though that one plane-ride did kind of get to you, you were a really good diver. Best wishes in your Senior year. Mr. Hastert"
    Jolene Reinbolt
  • Hastert was also a leader of a student group called the Explorer's Club. While Steve was in high school and a member of the club, Hastert took him and a group of boys on a trip to the Bahamas.
    Jolene Reinbolt
  • Steve Reinboldt smiles into the camera as he hefts snorkeling gear on the beaches of the Bahamas during the Explorer's Club trip.
    Jolene Reinbolt/ABCNews
  • Dennis Hastert, right, gets a card game going with the young members of the Explorer's Club while on the Bahamas trip.
    Jolene Reinbolt
  • The boys of the Explorer's Club board a prop plane for their trip to the Bahamas.
    Jolene Reinboldt
  • In an undated picture provided by Jolene Reinboldt, she's shown as a child with her arm around her older brother Steve.
    Jolene Reinboldt
  • Steve Reinboldt pictured here in his sophomore year yearbook photo in 1969. Jolene Reinboldt said Steve told her the sexual relationship with Hastert lasted throughout his high school years.
    Jolene Reinboldt/Yorkville High School
  • Steven Reinboldt pictured here in his junior year at Yorkville High School in 1970.
    Jolene Reinboldt/Yorkville High School Yearbook
  • Jolene Reinboldt said that her brother Steve died of AIDS in 1995. According to her, Dennis Hastert came to the funeral viewing and she confronted him in the parking lot, telling him, "I want you to know your secret didn't die in there with my brother." Jolene said Hastert said nothing and eventually drove away.
    ABC News