New Political Program 'Top Line' on and on 'ABC News Now'

topline/ABC News

"ABC News NOW" and bring you "Top Line," a new webcast that streams live each day at 12:00pm/EST on the Homepage of "Top Line" gives viewers a fifteen minute fill on the day's top political events, developments and insights.

Hosted by ABC News' Political Director David Chalian and Senior Political Reporter and author of 'The Note,' Rick Klein, "Top Line" is a quick midday fill for political analysis and inside scoop. The program includes interviews with newsmakers and buzz makers as well as interaction with its regular viewers and readers of 'The Note.'

Says Mr. Chalian, "This show should appeal to everyone from the political pro, to the political news junkie keeping up with the latest developments, to any viewer looking for a quick overview on the day's political events."  Mr. Klein says, "We hope that our users read 'The Note' over breakfast and watch 'Top Line' so they'll know what to talk about at lunch."

The program airs on ABC News NOW and is live streamed each weekday at 12:00pm/EST on and available shortly thereafter as video on demand on ABC News' website. Sam Brooks is the producer of "Top Line," and Kathy O'Hearn, an ABC News Executive Producer, created the program.

"Top Line" airs Monday through Friday from 12:00pm to 12:15pm/EST on ABC News NOW and is available anytime on demand at Portia Robertson is the Senior Producer of ABC News NOW in Washington, and Sara Just is the Senior Producer of Digital Media and Politics in Washington, DC. Nancy Han is the executive producer of ABC News NOW. is the 24-hour online news service of ABC News launched in May 1997 and is consistently ranked among the top news sites. ABC News NOW, a 24-hour digital network that offers a wide range of live and on-demand programming, is currently available to 44 million users across broadband, mobile and cable platforms. ABC News is available anytime, anywhere on your mobile device: