Post-Debate, Marco Rubio Finds More Time for Senate Votes

The Florida senator has logged a perfect attendance record since the debate.

In fact, his campaign has already cancelled at least two events elsewhere in the country for him to be able to make it back to Washington, D.C.

Rubio was initially scheduled to discuss Iran and Israel at a private event today at the Lotos Club in New York. That event was postponed so that Rubio could go vote. And last Friday, he scrapped a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa, so that he could vote against the Senate budget bill.

As of Oct. 30, Rubio had missed almost 34 percent of Senate votes this year -- a larger share than any other senator, according to data on

But over the last week, Rubio has managed a perfect attendance record.

“Given the nation’s debt crisis, Marco is hitting the campaign trail later than initially planned,” read a campaign press release issued last Friday. “The Council Bluffs lunch originally scheduled for noon today at Barley's will be postponed to a later date due to Senate votes in Washington.”

“He’ll be missing votes this week,” said Alex Conant, the campaign’s communications director, when asked for comment. Rubio is scheduled to campaign in New Hampshire on Wednesday and Thursday.

“He’s returned to D.C. for key votes throughout the campaign. That won’t change,” Conant added.

Earlier this month, the Sun Sentinel, a major Florida newspaper, called on Rubio to resign his Senate seat as a result of his spotty attendance record.

“You are ripping us off, Senator,” wrote the paper’s editorial board.

But Rubio's forceful response during an exchange with Bush at last week’s debate appeared to work in his favor.