POTUS Verified: President Obama Finally Gets His Own Twitter Account

Say Goodbye to those White House tweets signed – “BO.”

— -- Say goodbye to those White House tweets signed – “BO.”

From now on, whenever President Obama personally tweets, it will be from his newly launched @POTUS account. Only the President, himself, will tweet from this account, the White House advises, making all the tweets from @POTUS directly attributed to the President.

Obama is “committed to making his Administration the most open and participatory in history,” giving Americans a new way to engage on the issues that are most important to them, the White House said in a statement.

Not surprisingly, only being active on Twitter for a very short time, Obama’s account has already been verified by Twitter.

The White House, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Michelle Obama, have all joined in, welcoming Obama to Twitter:

Despite his rapid popularity on Twitter -- gaining more than 200,000 followers in an hour -- the President has some way to go before catching up with heartthrobs Justin Bieber or Katy Perry – the two most followed people on Twitter.

ABC’s Michelle Manzione and Ben Siegel contributed to this report.