President Obama and the First Lady Dish on How They Celebrate the Super Bowl

President Obama and the first lady sat for an interview before the Super Bowl.

"We have a regular group of friends that we've been having now, the last four or five years," President Obama said in the CBS interview, the couple' first live joint interview. "We all go upstairs to the residence, sort of in the Treaty Room, which is my office. We clear everything out, and it's you know your basic wings, pizza, nachos, guac."

But, according to the first lady, the party is actually divided into separate rooms based on the level of interest in the actual game.

"Basically we have sort of three ways that we do the Super Bowl," Michelle Obama said, adding two other options in addition to the "serious watchers" in the Treaty Room. "Then there's the outside room where the kids are, where they're kind of fooling around there by the food."

"We keep them away," President Obama joked.

"There's what I call the Champagne Room," the first lady said. "That's where my mother sits, where you really don't know what's going on but you're close to the champagne."

As for the experience watching the game, President Obama said it's not much different from what you'd find anywhere else.

"We're like everybody else, folks rate the commercials," he said.

"I care deeply about the halftime show. Deeply," she said. "I got dressed for the halftime show, I hope Beyonce likes what I have on."