President Obama Plays Comedian With Stephen Colbert

It was his third appearance on the show.

— -- When President Barack Obama wasn't defending his executive actions on immigration or his economic record to Stephen Colbert, he was discussing some of the more normal parts of being president - leaving socks on the floor and having his wife and teenage daughters mock his big ears.

"When I go home, Michelle, Malia and Sasha give me a hard time," the president told Colbert. "They tease me mercilessly for my big ears or my stodgy suits."

President Obama made his first in-person appearance on "The Colbert Show" at George Washington University on Monday, coming out a few minutes early to the surprise of the host. Colbert was about to begin "the Word," a regular feature in which he rants as snarky phrases appear for the audience.

Instead, they traded places - Obama sitting behind Colbert's desk as the host scurried off - and the president gave the segment a more presidential name - "the Decree" - as he read the script intended for Colbert.

The audience laughed as Obama said people in both parties like some parts of "Obamacare" while the text accompanying him read: "Everything but the 'Obama.'"

During the interview, the president noted how powerful he felt sitting at Colbert's desk before discussing the midterms and the most recent jobs report.

"You've employed a lot of people - mostly as secretary of defense," cracked Colbert, referencing the president's latest nomination for the post at the Pentagon.

"That's boosted our numbers a little bit," Obama replied.

Colbert later questioned Obama about whether he exceeded his authority on immigration.

"When did you decide to burn the Constitution and become emperor?" he asked.

"Actually, Steve, everything that we have done is scrupulously within the law and has been done by previous Democratic and Republican presidents," Obama replied.

The appearance by the president marked the final two weeks for the program on Comedy Central. Colbert will succeed David Letterman on CBS' "Late Show" next year.

President Obama has appeared on the "Colbert Report" twice before - once as president in 2009 and as a senator in 2008.