President Trump to Latino conference: Democrats 'nowhere to be found' on DACA

President Trump claims Democrats are responsible for the stalemate on DACA.

"It's really terrible," Trump said. "We are ready. The expression ready, willing, and able. They are nowhere to be found."

Democrats have denounced the White House for leveraging legal status for DACA recipients with demands to roll back legal immigration to the U.S. and billions in funds for the president's border wall.

Trump set his sights specifically on Senate Democrats for “[filibustering] our plan because they do not care about the immigration system or reform, and they do not want to solve the problem. They would rather use it to get elected.”

But Trump failed to mention that the White House’s immigration plan only wound up receiving 39 votes when it was considered in the Senate, after being rejected by several Republicans.

But when it comes to immigration policy the coalition's positions differ significantly from the hot-button issues that President Trump is often most vocal on, including his call for a physical wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and demands for reducing legal immigration.

"Go get DACA," said in his remarks. "Go push those Democrats. I'm telling you, slowing us down."