Projected 2016 Senate Race Winners

A snapshot of the Senate races.

ByMargaret Chadbourn
November 09, 2016, 3:13 AM

— -- Republicans will keep control of the Senate — a surprising development after analysts predicted for months that Democrats would retake the chamber. The GOP also will maintain its majority in the House after losing far fewer seats than expected in that chamber as well.

The Senate electoral map favored Democrats this cycle, with Republicans defending 24 seats, compared with 10 for the Democrats. On Tuesday, Republicans were able to hold on to several seats in tight contests, such as in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Democrats picked up one Senate seat, with Tammy Duckworth defeating incumbent Republican Sen. Mark S. Kirk in Illinois.

Here are the projected winners in the races for Senate:

ALABAMA*Richard C. Shelby (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Ron Crumpton (D)

ALASKA*Lisa Murkowski (R) (PROJECTED WINNER)Joe Miller (L)Margaret Stock (I)Ray Metcalfe (D)

ARIZONA*John McCain (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

ARKANSAS*John Boozman (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Conner Eldridge (D)

CALIFORNIA Kamala Harris (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Loretta Sanchez (D)

COLORADO*Michael Bennet (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Darryl Glenn (R)

CONNECTICUT*Richard Blumenthal (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Dan Carter (R)

FLORIDA*Marco Rubio (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Patrick Murphy (D)

GEORGIA*Johnny Isakson (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Jim Barksdale (D)

HAWAII*Brian Schatz (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] John S. Carroll (R)

IDAHO*Michael D. Crapo (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Jerry Sturgill (D)

ILLINOIS Tammy Duckworth (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] *Mark S. Kirk (R)

INDIANA Todd Young (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Baron P. Hill (D)

IOWA*Charles E. Grassley (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Patty Judge (D)

KANSAS*Jerry Moran (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Patrick Wiesner (D)


MARYLAND Chris Van Hollen (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Kathy Szeliga (R)

MISSOURI *Roy Blunt (R) (PROJECTED WINNER) Jason Kander (D)

NEW YORK*Charles E. Schumer (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Wendy Long (R)

NEVADACatherine Cortez Masto (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Joe Heck (R)

NEW HAMPSHIRE Maggie Hassan (D) (PROJECTED WINNER)*Kelly Ayotte (R)

NORTH CAROLINA*Richard M. Burr (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Deborah K. Ross (D)

NORTH DAKOTA*John Hoeven (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Eliot Glassheim (D)

OHIO*Rob Portman (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Ted Strickland (D)

OKLAHOMA James Lankford (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Mike Workman (D)

OREGON*Ron Wyden (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Mark Callahan (R)

PENNSYLVANIA*Patrick J. Toomey (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Katie McGinty (D)


UTAH*Mike Lee (R) [PROJECTED WINNER] Misty Snow (D)

VERMONT*Patrick Leahy (D) [PROJECTED WINNER] Scott Milne (R)

WASHINGTON*Patty Murray (D) Chris Vance (R)

WISCONSIN*Ron Johnson (R) Russ Feingold (D)

* Incumbent

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