Republican memo on Russia probe surveillance is 'amateurish,' 'politically motivated': Former Justice official

Former Justice Department official said the memo is "politically motivated."

— -- A former deputy assistant attorney general who oversaw surveillance requests under President George W. Bush said the memo released by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee alleging abuses of government spying powers is "politically motivated" and "amateurish."

Olsen on "This Week" disputed the allegation that the Justice Department didn't disclose in its surveillance request the potential bias of the Steele dossier.

“The central claim in the memo [is] that biased information wasn't presented to the court," Olsen said.

But he said the process of making a surveillance request and winning approval is lengthy and detailed.

"These applications take weeks, sometimes months to prepare,” the former deputy assistant attorney general said. “Every fact that's in an application is vetted and scrutinized by lawyers."

Once it gets to the court, "These judges are independent ... They ask questions," Olsen said.

The former Justice Department official said the “real takeaway” on the request for surveillance of Page is that “there had to be huge suspicions” that he was an agent of Russia in order for the application to be made and approved.