Republican senators float alternatives to comprehensive Obamacare replacement bill

They include a "Plan B" and collapse and replace.

“It's not yet clear what it is going to look like, at the end of the day. I have some grave concerns about what we're doing so far,” Lee said.

While some senators like Lee are signaling they aren’t a “yes” yet, others are suggesting other, more piecemeal measures in order to rack up smaller wins on health care. Still other senators are floating different legislation entirely.

Here’s a look at some of the alternatives being presented:

Johnson: ‘Plan B’

Enshrining the payments in standalone legislation would at least grant insurers some certainty that the payments won’t disappear, according to health care experts.

Graham: Collapse and replace

Appearing on CBS over the weekend, he outlined one of the pitches he would make to Democrats, getting them on board with a high-risk pool that insulates healthier people from the higher costs associated with sicker, older people. Democrats oppose that idea because they say it would lead to much higher premiums for such sick people.

Cassidy/Collins: A different bill altogether

But it would then allow states to decide whether to reimpose the Obamacare regulations or come up with their own system, with varying levels of government contributions based on what sort of programs they come up with.

Even as the Senate was gearing up to craft its own bill, Collins was pushing for Senate leadership to consider her and Cassidy’s bill. The two senators also met in May with a group of Democrats and Republicans to determine whether there was a bipartisan path forward on health care, for which the answer appears, at least at present, to be no.

“I urge my colleagues to support the comprehensive ACA replacement plan Senator Cassidy and I introduced that will allow more Americans to obtain health insurance, preserve significant consumer protections and help moderate the cost of health care,” Collins said in a statement.