Reserved for Trump: Why the Donald Has His Own New Hampshire Parking Spot

Trump paves the way to a 2016 presidential bid.

ABC News visited his New Hampshire headquarters, where several parking spots have already been reserved for Trump. His campaign offices are located in a modest commercial building, home to a language translation service, a car donation program, and physical therapy clinics.

No activities were spotted the weekend before Trump’s big event in New York City, but the Washington Post reported seeing 10 workers there last week, handcrafting signs and posters.

Matt Ciepielowski, Trump's New Hampshire state director, told ABC News that "parking is tough to come by at our building during the week." He said the candidate has yet to use the spot himself, "but it will be ready when he visits!" That's expected to happen Wednesday, when he travels to Manchester to hold a post-announcement rally.

The business mogul and reality television star has flirted with runs before, but has never organized to this degree. In May, Trump announced he had fielded 10 county chairs in New Hampshire, before many of his competitors had even set up shop in the state.

One last tip: If you’re looking for an instant confidence boost, try parking in The Donald's spot. It just might make you feel more powerful.