RNC spent over $230K last month covering Trump's legal fees in Russia investigations

The RNC has not committed to continuing to foot the president’s legal bills.

These payments will be disclosed in the RNC's spending report for August, out Thursday.

Of that, $166,527.50 was given to Alan Futerfas, who is representing Trump Jr., and $30,102.90 to the law firm Williams & Jensen this month. These payments will appear on the RNC's September disclosure.

All legal fees were covered by the RNC's legal defense fund, which is financed separately from the political operation, mostly by wealthy donors.

The RNC has not committed to footing the president's and his son's legal bills as the probes continue.

The details were first reported by CNN and Reuters.

Political parties' legal defense funds are typically used to pay for legal actions related to elections, including ballot access and recounts.