4 Russian Cruise Missiles Crash in Iran En Route to Syria

U.S. officials said that it was unclear if the Russian missiles caused any damage or casualties as they crashed in Iranian territory.

Little noticed regional press reports on Wednesday mentioned an “unidentified flying object” that had crashed near the town of Takab close to the border with Iraq. A report in Oyan News cited the governor of Takab describing the crash of a “drone” near the village of Qiz Qapan in the early morning hours.

Images posted by Oyan News on Thursday in several structures in the village which matched initial descriptions provided by witnesses.

Wednesday’s launch marked the first use of Russian cruise missiles in combat.

A U.S. official told ABC News that their use in Syria was probably intended to demonstrate Russia’s military capabilities. The official noted that other weapons available to the Russian military already in Syria carried more firepower than that aboard the cruise missiles.