Ryan, McHenry best each other with 'bad dad jokes' to celebrate Father's Day

Speaker Paul Ryan is having some fun before he officially retires.

The two Republican lawmakers, sitting vis-à-vis across a table, delivered some lame quips while boasting both their comical and competitive sides.

"Did you know that French fries weren't originally cooked in France?" McHenry said, kicking off the contest.

"No," Ryan, the father of three, responded.

"They were cooked in grease," McHenry added, as he laughed at his own joke.

"Why did the scarecrow receive an award?" Ryan asked, as both sat with stoic stares.

"Because he was outstanding in his field," he continued.

As McHenry tried to suppress a laugh, Ryan added, "Pretty good, isn’t it?"

On his turn, he said: "Two guys walk into a bar." Adding, "The third guy ducks."

"This is really horrible," the North Carolina Republican and father of two said.

McHenry even called Ryan a "tough crowd" in a tweet responding to the top House Republican's initial post sharing the "bad dad jokes" video.

McHenry finally overcame Ryan's cool demeanor, even extracting a chuckle from the speaker after making a cheese joke — an Achilles' heel for the native Wisconsin.

"Did you hear the story about a cheese factory that blew up, exploded, in Wisconsin?" McHenry asked.

"Actually I have," Ryan responds. "But go ahead."

"Tragic story," McHenry continued. "All that was left of it was da brie."

"You can always get me on cheese joke," Ryan admitted. "We love cheese jokes where I come from."

Ryan bested his colleague with one last joke, "Hey what is E.T. short for?"

"Because he's got short legs."

"Short jokes kill me," McHenry conceded.

Shaking hands in a show of good sportsmanship, Ryan ended the match with one last question, "What was the score?"

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