Sean Spicer relinquishes press secretary Twitter account to Sarah Sanders

The account @PressSec has over two million followers.

"Today, I'm turning the @PressSec handle over to Sarah," Spicer tweeted from @PressSec. "It's been an incredible honor sharing @POTUS' message with over 2M followers each day."

About 15 minutes later, Sanders tweeted back, "Thank you @SeanSpicer for the 2 million+ followers #AmericaMustReallyLoveYou." The social media lovefest continued, with Spicer responding, "You're very welcome."

White House deputy communications director Jessica Ditto tweeted, "Passing of the @PressSec account baton. Welcome, Sarah! Thank you for everything, @seanspicer."

The Twitter shake-up means that Sanders will no longer tweet from the @SHSanders45 handle -- "Signing off. Follow me @PressSec for updates," she tweeted -- while Spicer will now tweet from the handle @SeanSpicer.

It also means that Sanders will enjoy a significant boost in followers, jumping to 2 million from more than 950,000 followers. Spicer, however, will downgrade to 384,000 followers.